Thursday, June 7, 2012

Diffendoofer Day

Miss Bonkers rose. "Don't fret! she said.
"You've learned the things you need
To pass the test and many more--
I'm certain you'll succeed.
We've taught you that the earth is round.
That red and white make pink.
And something else that matters more--
We've taught you how to think."

1. What does it mean when somebody knows how to think?

When someone knows how to think they are able to actually execute their own indiviual ideas. They will be able to create an idea alone and then explain it or actually do the actions to explain their thoughts. In a classroom students will need to be able to think in order to be successful in their educational experience.

Students will need to be able to use their own personal experiences to explain their own ideas and also be able to use their own thoughts and facts, depending on the topic, to back up their ideas. They will be able to solve problems on their own, and they will be able to use application from their prior knowledge to move forward through education and everyday life activities.

2. How does a teacher teach a student how to think?

A student can learn how to think if a teacher is able to work with the student in a creative form in order to interest the student. I believe that students will become more engaged and stay excited to learn and think if they enjoy the subject being taught. I understand that there will subjects that the students will not like, or it will be hard for them to learn, but instead of them getting frustrated and giving up the students need to think and work towards finding a solution to the problem at hand.

Teachers should be able to ask open ended questions to keep the students answering the questions and then forming their own questions about the topic. This will allow them to "teach" the teacher by bringing up new ideas, and then having the students continue the discussion. Teachers will need to assist the students with discovery, but not give them all the answers to questions, instead they must lead them in the direction for them to reveal and understand the subject in order for them to think for themselves.

3. Have you ever been in a class where you really had to think?

Yes, as we were talking in class I realized that we all came to the same conclusion that we all had to think while we were taking Human Relations. Not only did I have to think during this class, but I began to realize a lot about myself. In my class the majority of the students were graduate students, and they were all very opinionated, which helped me step up my game while discussing the topics. The different subjects in the class were somewhat controversial, and because of this I had to use my own personal experiences in order to think about myself in those various situations. It is important as a future teacher to be able to use my own personal experiences as examples while educating students.

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