Thursday, June 7, 2012

Five Good Reasons to Use Science Notebooks
by Joan Gilbert and Marleen Kotelma

While reading this article I was thinking about how I would use this technique in different subjects besides science. I know that we use writing workshops for students, where they are able to write about everything and anything (sometimes with prompts and other times just from their own ideas), but what about social studies or even math? By having each student work in their own individual notebook they are able to use it in any form in order to assist them in learning more. To help them understand more. To be able to become more confident and comfortable in that subject or topic. By them having these outlets they are able to put in their own words or visuals what they think or believe, or what questions they have. This will make it easier for them to learn.
"Teachers observed students' ideas were clearer when they communicated through a combination of written and visual text."
I believe the best part about using science notebooks is for the teacher. They are able to use the notebooks as "documentation of students' thinking, which can be used to guide instruction in the study." Teachers are able to look at the notebooks multiple times throughout a lesson, or a unit, to check for understanding, and if needed the teacher can alter the lesson to review if there are any problems or confusion. The notebooks can also be used as a form of reference for the students to use if they write a full paper or create a presentation. The students are also able to use each others' notebooks as reference, or to check for understanding.

By using science notebooks students are seeing themselves as real scientist as soon as any science lesson begins. They are able to take their own notes, create charts and graphs, and create visuals for their own reference. If they believe they are a main part in the lesson then they will hopefully be more likely to become more involved and learn more from each lesson.

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  1. Notes from class:
    teachers can work together throughout the school
    students can feel comfortable
    students are able to express themself through a new form than just writing
    students would write more in their science notebook

    didn't like:
    teachers would not read them
    teachers would read them and not give any feedback